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A rules-lite, word ad-libbing, fantasy roleplaying, destructible game for up to 5 players, packed into a zine!

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What is Dump Quest?
Dump Quest is a tabletop roleplaying game with simple rules. The pamphlet contains a series of pages outlining a narrative adventure through which a Game Master will guide their players. However, the construction of these pages is not set in stone! The GM must request nouns, adjectives, numbers, and more from their players to modify the contents of each encounter, ensuring that neither Player nor Game Master can be certain exactly where their story is heading.

     Dump Quest is a classic fantasy dungeon crawl, featuring (possibly) a spooky witch, a mysterious treasure, a sticky floor, a dangerous cult, a giraffe amulet, a soggy wizard, and *lots* of lava!

Each player is provided a character sheet at the beginning of the game. This provides the player with their list of special, single-use abilities. However, each ability has missing words. Players request words from their teammates to flesh out their abilities, without knowing exactly how they will be used.

The Adventure
Each page of the adventure provides the Game Master with the essential information to run the encounter, broken into the following sections:

  • Narration to be read aloud to the players
  • Notes for the Game Master detailing hidden information about the encounter 
  • Tear-outs to reward your players with valuable items 

     At the start of each encounter, players provide the Game Master with words to fill out the blanks on the page. These words could modify enemies, name characters, increase the value of loot, or even make the encounter more deadly.

     Players must progress through each encounter using their character’s special actions. If the player can describe how their action fits into the scene, it is considered successful. However, the Game Master is free to impose any consequences they desire based on the action they used.

Final Notes
Dump Quest intends, by design, to create absurd, yet whimsical, roleplaying situations. Your party’s Fighter might end up using a Tiny Cleaver to lock pick the chains off a captive Delicious Bard dangling above a pool of Lime Jell-O, and this is OK!

    Throughout the game, you’ll write all over pages, modify art with your own art, and tear components out of the pamphlet as your group dredges this story out of a word salad and into reality.


Buy Now
On Sale!
40% Off
$5.00 $3.00 USD or more

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Could you elaborate a bit on what this about?

It seems cool, but I think a preview (1-3 pages) and longer description would net higher downloads, at least from me!

Very good point! We added some text and have included a link to our kickstarter as well. Thanks for the comment!